This week sometime,

if each of you could send me the URL for your course blog, that would be fantastic. To set up a free blog, go to, or if you prefer. Any site, really, as long as it allows you to make publically available posts on which others can comment.

Second, if you could start thinking about your presentations I would be grateful. Alone, or with one or two partners, your choice. If you want to work with someone else but don’t know anyone, post to your blog with ideas for a topic, or comment on this post. When you have made your choice, please drop me a line either here or via email.

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  1. Here`s my blog address. Bryan Raymond –

  2. My Blog Address: Rebecca Caissie –

  3. Naomi Kennedy

     /  January 9, 2012

    Naomi Kennedy’s blog-


  5. Here is my URL,


    Hillary Scully

  6. Dr. Jones could Danielle and I do our presentation on women in the theatre on Feb. 23?

  7. My Blog Address Catherine Delaney


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