Finally and adieu!

The grades have been submitted and are wending their way through the system.

I will soon be sending on your library assignments to Janet Fraser. Anyone who has yet to send me a clean copy and wants to, do so sometime this week.

If any of you would like to discuss your assignments (or anything else), email me and we can set up a meeting. I would be more than happy to go over your work with you.

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your forbearance this past month. And thanks for all the warm wishes and kind expressions of condolence.

Congratulations to those of you who are graduating. I look forward to seeing you cross the stage. All the best in your next chapters.

Finally, I wad delighted to see many familiar names signed up for classes next term:


Various changes

As discussed in class today, here is a list of the various changes to the final weeks of the course:

  • Next week’s class is canceled; today was the final class.
  • Not all of you got your Library assignments back today; I hope the rest will be ready by tomorrow or Monday; I will post to the blog when they are ready for pick-up. If you would like to rewrite your Library assignment, within a week of receiving it back get me the original and the rewrite, and I will average the two marks (i.e. those who got them back today, get the rewrite to me by next Thursday). These will need to be submitted in hard copy, since I will want to re-read my comments.
  • The deadline for the Wikipedia assignment is now April 21/12 4pm (the final day of the exam period). Electronic submission is fine; so is paper. Just drop the assignments in one of the slots marked “English” if no-one is in the office. If you want to leave yourself the option to rewrite the assignment, get it to me by April 14/12 4pm. (If you decide to rewrite, within a week of getting it back give me the original assignment with my comments, as well as your rewrite, and I will average the two marks.)
  • You may blog up until the end of the exam period and I will take it into account.
  • Feedback on your presentations will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

Tasks for you:

  • Since we are missing our planned discussion of all our writers in relation to Woolf’s idea of a tradition of female writes, as well as Lorde’s contention that one can’t dismantle “the Master’s house” with “the Master’s tools,” it might be nice to consider these issues in your blogs.
  • Please send me a clean hard-copy of your Library assignment before the end of April, so that I may forward them all to Janet Fraser. You have done a lot of good work and it would be nice to see it bearing some fruit in the sense of new materials for the Library.

(If I am forgetting anything, drop me a line.)

I enjoyed spending the term with you. You are an interesting group and we had some good discussions. Thanks for contributing to the class and I hope to see those of you not graduating in future courses.

Finally, thanks for your understanding and best wishes.

An update

This post is to let you all know that there is a possibility that one or both of our remaining classes may be disrupted as my mother’s health is failing. I will of course keep you posted about any class cancellations. Worst case scenario: people who are scheduled to present will just send me their PPT files or equivalent. But as of right now, I will see you all Thursday (tomorrow).

Wikipedia Assignment

guidelines posted. Comments? Questions?

I think

I am caught up on the Wikipedia requests, so if I have missed an email or post from anyone, please let me know a.s.a.p.

There may be at least one problem, in that two people may each have begun to work on the same writer. If this turns out to be the case for them or anyone else, it would be too late, and unfair, to ask anyone to start afresh with another writer after they have already begun the work. So in one or two cases, we may have more than one person working on a writer. The only issue would be if one or the other of the two wanted to post their edits online: if that is the case, I would ask you to coordinate.

And finally, an image from the 18thc …

Young Girl with Distaff by Pietro Rotari (1707–1762)

Class cancellation

Hello folks,

I am cancelling class today because of a migraine.

We can roll the discussion of Rivella, and Nick’s presentation on Manley, into next weeks’s class. (Nick, if this is a problem, let me know.)

Emails should have gone out automatically, and I will post this on Facebook.

I hope you will consider going to the roundtable discussion this evening (poster, FB event). I will try to attend, providing the more antisocial symptoms of this migraine have subsided, though if you see me propped up in a corner looking glassy-eyed you will know why.

As promised …

'The Fashionable Mamma, or The Convenience of Modern Dress' by James Gillray (1756-1815).

On into the 17thc …

Old Woman With A Distaff by Bartolome Esteban Murillo, 1642

1 week extension on Library project

Okay, we have reached critical mass: enough of you have expressed uncertainties and/or requested extensions, so I think the best thing to do would be to give the whole class a one week extension. If you are in touch with anyone from the class, you might want to make sure that they know.

I appreciate all your feedback (and please keep it coming). This is the first time I have assigned such a project, and I think there have been some growing pains.

(Oh, and one further thing: when making your case to the Library as to why they should buy the books you are recommending, you could mention the number of courses in which your writer might figure, across both campuses.)