Various changes

As discussed in class today, here is a list of the various changes to the final weeks of the course:

  • Next week’s class is canceled; today was the final class.
  • Not all of you got your Library assignments back today; I hope the rest will be ready by tomorrow or Monday; I will post to the blog when they are ready for pick-up. If you would like to rewrite your Library assignment, within a week of receiving it back get me the original and the rewrite, and I will average the two marks (i.e. those who got them back today, get the rewrite to me by next Thursday). These will need to be submitted in hard copy, since I will want to re-read my comments.
  • The deadline for the Wikipedia assignment is now April 21/12 4pm (the final day of the exam period). Electronic submission is fine; so is paper. Just drop the assignments in one of the slots marked “English” if no-one is in the office. If you want to leave yourself the option to rewrite the assignment, get it to me by April 14/12 4pm. (If you decide to rewrite, within a week of getting it back give me the original assignment with my comments, as well as your rewrite, and I will average the two marks.)
  • You may blog up until the end of the exam period and I will take it into account.
  • Feedback on your presentations will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

Tasks for you:

  • Since we are missing our planned discussion of all our writers in relation to Woolf’s idea of a tradition of female writes, as well as Lorde’s contention that one can’t dismantle “the Master’s house” with “the Master’s tools,” it might be nice to consider these issues in your blogs.
  • Please send me a clean hard-copy of your Library assignment before the end of April, so that I may forward them all to Janet Fraser. You have done a lot of good work and it would be nice to see it bearing some fruit in the sense of new materials for the Library.

(If I am forgetting anything, drop me a line.)

I enjoyed spending the term with you. You are an interesting group and we had some good discussions. Thanks for contributing to the class and I hope to see those of you not graduating in future courses.

Finally, thanks for your understanding and best wishes.


A note re. the blogs

In most cases, WordPress will withhold the first comment from a commenter until you approve it; after that first approval, a commenter can comment freely. Some of  you are probably unaware of this and so have been missing people’s comments on your blog posts. When you are in the dashboard, on the left side, there is a menu item called “Comments”. If there is a number here, this means there are comments pending your approval. Once you have given it, the commenter will be able to post in future directly.

Caught up!

All the blog URLs and presentation requests should be here on the course blog. If I have missed anyone, please let me know.

And the readings for this week are laid out more explicitly in the schedule.

I think

I am caught up with the links to your blogs (on the left) and requests for presentation topics (see Schedule). If I have missed anyone, please let me know. If you have not yet sent me your blog URL, please do so a.s.a.p. And do put in your requests for presentations.