Library assignment

Due date: Mar. 1/12 (New deadline)
Percentage of grade: 25%

In brief: choose a writer we are studying, determine the UNB library holdings, determine what editions are available, and make a case to the Acquisitions department.

In more detail:
Choose one of the writers from this list by staking your claim in the comments section. Or, make a case to me for a writer we are not studying, as long as she did the bulk of her work before 1800. If you like, you might consider women writers active before 1800 in Canada, the U.S.A. or elsewhere, as long as they wrote in English.

  1. Annotated bibliography: This is perhaps the most significant part of this assignment. Access any existing bibliographies of your writer’s own works, as well as works about her (i.e. biographies; critical works). You may find bibliographies either on-line or in books or journals. Are they comprehensive? When were they compiled? (some of our writers were known for one thing in the past, but another thing now). If you find more than one bibliography, you could amalgamate them into your own. If you can find none, you will need to compile one from scratch. Some of your bibliographies will be very short; others will be so potentially long that you will need to be selective. Write a brief introduction to your bibliography, giving a brief overview and explaining your choices. Identify which of the materials listed are in print and/or readily available.
  2. UNB holdings: Determine what is available to users of the UNB library system. This includes both campuses, as well as materials available through electronic subscriptions, &c. Determine how many of the materials in your bibliography UNB has or has ready access to. Evaluate the available materials in light of what you have determined to be the important works by and about your writer.
  3. Proposal: Write a proposal to the Acquisitions Department at the UNBSJ Library. Make a case for the importance of your writer. Give an overview of what is in print and available, and compare it with what UNB has in its collections. In some cases this may be a letter of congratulation, but in most cases you will probably have some suggestions for improving the Library’s holdings.
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  1. Heather Robinson

     /  January 26, 2012


    I would like to do my Library Assignment on Anne Askew.

    Thank you
    Heather Robinson

  2. I think I might like to tackle Margaret Cavendish (not literally, but literature-wise). I enjoyed her Blazing World last semester, so I would like to see what else is out there by and on her.



  3. I sent you an email but I’m not sure if it made it to you or not! I’d like to do Isabella Whitney but if she has already been taken my second choice would be Aemilia Lanyer!


  4. I’d like to do Mary Sidney Herbert if she is still an option. My second choice would be Elizabeth I.

    Thank you,

  5. I would like to do my assignment on Elizabeth I.

  6. I would like to do my assignment on Elizabeth I, my second choice would be Anne Askew, thanks!

  7. Hello

    I know this is late, but I am having a hard time doing my Library assignment on Anne Askew, so I was hoping I could switch to Sarah Fielding.

    Thank you
    Heather Robinson


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