Writers on this course

Marie de France: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Julian of Norwich: Library assignment: Richard J. / Wikipedia assignment:  Richard J.
Margery Kempe: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:  Stacey A.
Anne Askew: Library assignment: Heather R./ Wikipedia assignment:
Elizabeth I: Library assignment: Courtney G./ Wikipedia assignment:
Isabella Whitney: Library assignment: Danielle J./ Wikipedia assignment:
Jane Anger: Library assignment: Stacey A. / Wikipedia assignment:  Naomi K.
Mary (Sidney) Herbert: Library assignment: Cassie F./ Wikipedia assignment: Cassie F.
Aemilia Lanyer: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Mary Wroth: Library assignment:  Tiffany M. / Wikipedia assignment: Tiffany M.
Dorothy Osborne: Library assignment: Heather M./ Wikipedia assignment:
Elizabeth Rowe: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment: Tomalyn Y.
Margaret Cavendish: Library assignment: Bryan R./ Wikipedia assignment:
Aphra Behn: Library assignment: Naomi K./ Wikipedia assignment: Hillary S.
Katherine Philips: Library assignment: Hillary S./ Wikipedia assignment: Courtney G.
Mary Astell: Library assignment: Tiffany D./ Wikipedia assignment:
Mary Wollstonecraft: Library assignment: Rachel T./ Wikipedia assignment: Danielle J.
Delarivier Manley: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment: Nick H.
Hannah More: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Frances Burney: Library assignment: Amanda N./ Wikipedia assignment:
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Library assignment: Tomalyn Y./ Wikipedia assignment: Rachel T.
Sarah Fielding: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment: Heather R.
Elizabeth Montagu: Library assignment: Kyle S./ Wikipedia assignment: Kyle S.
Anna Laetitia Barbauld: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Elizabeth Carter: Library assignment: Nick H./ Wikipedia assignment: Amanda N.
Hester Chapone: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment: Bryan R.
Catherine Talbot: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Sara Scott: Library assignment: / Wikipedia assignment:
Clara Reeve: Library assignment: Jaclyn F./ Wikipedia assignment: Jaclyn F.

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  1. Tomalyn Young

     /  January 27, 2012

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    Could I take Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, please?


  2. Hello Dr. Jones,

    I would like to do my assignment on Katherine Philips.

    Hillary Scully

  3. Naomi Kennedy

     /  February 1, 2012

    Hi Dr. Jones,
    May I research Aphra Behn for my library assignment?

  4. Hi Dr. Jones, could I do my assignment on Mary Wollstonecraft?

  5. Hi Dr. Jones,

    I would like to do Elizabeth I for my wikipedia assignement.

    Danielle Johnston

  6. Hi Dr.Jones,
    I would like to do Catherine Talbot for my assigment.
    Thank you
    Catherine Delaney

  7. Hi Dr. Jones may I please continue with Mary Sidney Herbert for my Wikipedia assignment?


  8. I would like to do Katherine Philips for my wikipedia assignment?


  9. Hello,

    Can I do Anne Askew for both assignments?

    Let me know


  10. I would like to randomly select Hester Chapone for my Wikipedia project. I know nothing of her, and have never heard of her, so I’m glad I’ll learn about her 🙂 – Bryan

  11. Hello Dr Jones
    Could I do Clara Reeve for my libary assignment please ?
    – Jaclyn

  12. pretentiousbookclub

     /  February 9, 2012

    Dr. Jones, I (Nick Hooper) would like to do Mary Wroth.

    • Oops! Someone else signed up for Wroth, for the Library assignment. The Wikipedia assignment is still open though; are you interested in that?

  13. Hi Dr. Jones, can I do Lady Mary Wortley Montagu for my Wikipedia assignment?

  14. Dr. Jones, can I do my assignments on Elizabeth Carter? -Nick Hooper

  15. Could I please take Mary Astell for the Library assignment – Tiffany Dobson

  16. I would like to request to do Elizabeth Montagu


  17. Hello,
    I would like to do Aemilia Lanyer for both assignments – if, of course, she’s still available.

    Thanks, Sam.

  18. Dorothy Osborne

  19. Professor Jones,

    I would like Mary Astell for the Wikiepedia project as well.

  20. Hello, Dr Jones

    Could I also do Clara Reeve for my wikipedia assigement
    thanks, Jaclyn Fillmore

  21. Hello! Would I please be able to do Sarah Fielding for the wiki assignment?
    Thank you,
    Amanda Nelson

  22. Hi,,
    Would I be able to do Sarah Fielding for the Wiki assignment?
    Thank you,
    Amanda Nelson

  23. scully1013

     /  March 21, 2012

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    I would like to do Aphra Behn for the Wikipedia assignment

  24. Hello Dr. Jones,

    I know I previously said Aphra Behn for my Wikipedia assignment. However, would I be able to switch it to Isabella Whitney.?

  1. Okay, « the distaff side
  2. You can « the distaff side

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